Hand and Upper Limb Specialist

Expert care for complex orthopaedic conditions

An orthopaedic surgeon dedicated to solving hand and arm problems using the latest surgical and non-surgical strategies.

Meet Dr Peter O’Farrell

MBBChb (Wits), FC Orth (SA), MMed (Orth)

Dr O’Farrell qualified at Wits Medical school (undergraduate), he then obtained his speciality training in various hospitals in KwaZulu Natal, after specialising in complex trauma and limb reconstruction (Pretoria) and upper limb at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland.

He is a current member of South African Society of Surgery of the Hand (SASSH), South African Shoulder and Elbow Society (SASES), South African Orthopaedic Association.


I am very impressed with the care that I received from Dr O’Farrell. During our first consultation, he took the time to discuss and explain the cause of my condition as well as a possible treatment, while at the same time highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of the options available.

Together, we decided on a care path that included surgery and effective post-operative care. My experience was a very positive one, especially since the recovery period and the expectations of any discomfort were well-explained prior to the procedure. I can highly recommend Dr O’Farrell and his care team

Jo-Anne Otto

When one’s livelihood is in the balance, you seek medical advice from the best, we found that in Dr O’Farrell. His passion for his patients and his work is clearly evident. Taking the time to explain the two-step procedure and the recovery process put us at ease. But what really sealed the deal, was when Jaco had burnt his hand, while it was still in plaster, and I had popped an email to Dr O’Farrell about my fears of a possible infection due to the blisters. Dr O’Farrell responded to my email advising that he would be leaving a script at his office that I could collect.

I went to collect the script just as he was leaving the parking area, he stopped when he saw me and inquired about the wellbeing of his patient. Taking the time to show an interest in the wellbeing of a patient as well as the very successful recovery is the reason why we recommend Dr O’Farrell with the greatest confidence. He did such a good job that Jaco jokingly remarks that he wonders if he should have another scapholunate reconstruction done on the other hand, considering how his golf game has improved since the procedure.

Jaco and Monique Snyman

compassionate care for

Hand & Upper Limb Conditions

Dr O'Farrell and his team of dedicated anaesthetists and clinical support staff focus on treating patients who experience injuries in the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder. 


Tendonitis may be the most common cause of elbow pain but there are other sources of pain, such as Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, elbow dislocation and etc.


The shoulder is a complex joint that is often the site of injury, such as clavicle fractures, rotator cuff injuries and shoulder dislocations.


Pain the in the hand can be caused by several conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, DeQuervain's Syndrome and osteoarthritis.


Problems in which a limb is the wrong shape or length, and function is affected may require some form of limb reconstruction.


Injuries like knee ligament reconstruction happen when playing sports or exercising and the severity can range from minor to very serious.

Non-Operative INJURIES

Upper limb conditions can often be addressed without resorting to surgery. With proper assessment, a non-operative solution may be viable.

PRE-operative information

Once the your condition has been adequately worked up and imaged with the use of x-rays, sonar or MRI’s, Dr O’Farrell will weigh up the risks versus the benefits of surgery.

Before deciding on surgery, he will work alongside you to find the best surgical procedure or non-operative intervention for the treatment of your condition.

Should a non-operative option be the best solution for your road to recovery, Dr O’Farrell will spend time exploring the available treatment options that suit you best.

post-operative information

Our patients care is a continuum encompassing the preparation for surgery, the surgery itself and the aftercare.

While you are still in hospital, our expert team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and orthotists will offer you personalised care and assistance to help you adjust into  your rehabilitation and recovery.

Once you are discharged, Dr Peter O’Farrell will have a follow-up appointment  with  you to assess your recovery progress and advise on any further post-operation care.